Osteoarthritis can strike at any age!
Osteoarthritis can strike at any age!

Who are we?


We are a small team of professionals working to make life easier for those with Osteoarthritis.


Our lead and product offering comes from Michael Mahoney, a multi innovation and research award-winning Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Cheshire, England.   Michael is the man behind the acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults used in over 45 countries, the more recent IBS Audio Program 60 for Children used in half a dozen countries, and the Emotional  Recovery after Breast Cancer CD.


Michael has been in private practice since 1986. For more than 25 years his practice was medical centre based until he moved to North Yorkshire after marrying Cathryn.


Alongside Michael is Cathryn, a multi-disciplined therapist and counsellor with a long history of working with patients in her practice and within statutory bodies.  Cathryn continues to push therapeutic boundaries, working currently in Teesside, NE England.


With a small team, of dedicated support professionals, we are striving to bring improved Quality of Life (QoL) to OA sufferers. 


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