Osteoarthritis can strike at any age!
Osteoarthritis can strike at any age!

About our OA program

Our Osteoarthritis program


is designed specifically to help Osteoarthritis sufferers manage both the physical symptoms of OA and also the emotional aspects of OA.




Many people are aware of the physical symptoms of Osteoarthritis, the pain and stiffness, grating or grinding of joints (crepitus), swelling and restricted joint movement.  




However the emotional aspects of Osteoarthritis are gradually being recognised by medical professionals, but there is still much more awareness needed, especially with friends, co-workers, employers and loved ones.


Osteoarthritis can also create emotional conditions, added, stress and anxiety which could lead to some forms of depression. Feelings of isolation even when surrounded by others. Fear, lack of confidence and self-esteem, sleeplessness, irritation, frustration and more besides.  


So we understand that Osteoarthritis is not just about physical symptoms. Our Osteoarthritis program works with mind, body and emotion.   It uses the mind-body connection to help alleviate pain, and also aims to re-build confidence and self-esteem, confidence, reduce stress and anxiety and more besides.   


The better you feel in your thoughts, the better you feel in your body, and the better you feel in your body the better you feel in your mind.  And vice-versa!


If you are feeling low in mood, then without a doubt your physical symptoms will feel worse. 




Our Osteoarthritis audio program is aimed to: 

  • break the cycle between low mood and pain,
  • it aims to reduce the importance of the pain,
  •  to use the energy (wasted on fear of pain, frustration etc,) in a more productive way.  
  • It aims to help use the energy towards positive thinking and taking part in your own well-being.  




Our Osteoarthritis Audio Prescription program has been several years in the making. It is structured, easy to use and easy to do.  In fact, you have to do nothing, other than to get comfortable and listen. 


Within the program are...


A clear introduction session

7 Interlinked audio recordings

Informational Videos

Motivational images

And all delivered, in a structured way, daily to your smartphone or tablet Pc or Mac. 


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